LA PALMA: L'ISOLA NASCOSTA DELLE CANARIE - Viaggio di gruppo aprile 2021

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General information

9 days and 8 nights
Spain (La Palma)
Spain (La Palma)


TRAVEL GROUP April 24 - May 2

Less known and less frequented, Travel Tracks offers an emotional journey to the island of La Palma, the northernmost of the Canary Islands.

The island is a real geological jewel, endowed with a varied and vigorous natural life. A landscape shaped by volcanoes that offers naturalistic sites of world interest. In addition to nature, there are also those historical sites that the island's colonial past has brought to the present day. Its people have been able to preserve traditions, making this island an authentic and unusual place. Getting to know the island's architectural, cultural and historical heritage is an experience not to be missed.

La Palma is a hiker's paradise. The network of island trails, which covers the whole territory, has almost 1000 kilometers of routes carefully marked with colored signs, vertical signs and information panels. Thanks to these paths, you can visit practically all corners of the island.

During the trip we will go to the discovery of unique places that few have had the pleasure of visiting. From rugged coasts dotted with volcanic black sand beaches, to the hinterland with its contrasts of color and nature.

With its 700 km2, it is easy to visit, the means chosen by Travel Tracks is the car (mini van in group travel), with which we will have freedom of movement and timetables.

The island will be a beautiful discovery for lovers of nature, crafts and the sea.


Bed Only Casa Rurale/Casa Emblenatica
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Travel program:

Day 1 - Saturday 24th April Arrival at the airport in La Palma. We collect our vehicle and transfer to our home. Dinner and overnight in Santa Cruz de la Palma Day 2 - Sunday 25 April Breakfast and we leave for the north of the island. Following the LP-102 on 4 wheels we then meet the LP-1. We cross the Puntallana area, and we will make an obligatory stop at Nogales Beach. Puntallana is historically considered the granary of the island, Puntallana hosts interesting exponents of laurisilva woods (humid subtropical woods of the Canary Islands) and monteverde (luxuriant vegetation endemic to La Palma). After lunch we set off again towards San Andrés y Sauces where we find a luxuriant lime forest and the natural pool of Charco Azul. After a bath and we will have some free time. If the group agrees, we can move even further north, to the Barlovento area, a town that stands out for its green landscape and rugged coastline. Dinner and overnight in Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Day 3 - Monday April 26th
Breakfast and we leave for the highest peaks of the island.
We reach Roque de Los Muchachos, here astronomy and nature go hand in hand. It houses the Roque de Los Muchachos astrophysical observatory, one of the most complete telescopic complexes in the world. We will feel catapulted into an almost Martian world, far from the landscapes and nature we know. From the parking lot we advance and approach the western walls of La Caldera, from here we will have a wonderful view of Los Cantos and El Ataud.
We continue towards the city of Santo Domingo, the northernmost municipality on the island.
With a wonderful and relaxing rural landscape, it also has many trekking routes.
Right here we will have some free time at our disposal.
Let's go back to Santa Cruz de la Palma.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 - Tuesday April 27th
Breakfast and we get back on the road.
Today we dedicate the day to discovering the western part of the island. More precisely we are headed to Tijarafe.
Along the way we meet the Dragon Trees typical of the area and shortly we reach our destination, a small town from which we will leave for a beautiful loop ride (about 10 km) that crosses unique coastal landscapes and leads us to the Porís de Candelaria of the most traditional places on the island.
A walk that allows us to have an open view of the steep west coast of the island.
In the afternoon we drive towards the Puntagorda area, enjoying the dragon trees along the way.
We reach El Paso where we will spend the night.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 5 - Wednesday 28 April
Since La Palma is a relatively small island, we can afford to take some time to discover the west coast, full of cliffs and volcanic beaches.
Through the LP-212 we arrive at Playa de Charco verde, a beach whose sand is completely black.
After lunch we reach the south of the island, where we will be able to visit the town of Fuencaliente, the southernmost point of the island, we go to Echentive beach and the salt pans.
Let's go back to El Paso.
Dinner and overnight

Day 6 - Thursday 29 April
Breakfast. El Paso is an excellent starting point to enter the Parque National de la Galdera de Tamburiente.
This town is the cradle of silk, dense pine forests, interesting trekking routes, spectacular views, archaeological remains. The activities are endless, we choose to head to the park's visitor center, where if we are lucky enough we can admire the 'sea of clouds'. It is a natural phenomenon caused by the trade winds. They push the clouds towards the peaks of the mountains in such a way that the humidity condenses in the north and northeast of the island located between 600 and 1800 meters above sea level. Given that the trade winds of the higher areas, which are hot and dry, prevent the clouds from rising, once they exceed 1800 meters in altitude we can observe how they remain below, forming a sea of clouds.
We reach the Mirador de la Cumbrecita car park and from here we leave for an excursion inside the park.
Let's go back to El Paso, free time available
Dinner and overnight.

Day 7 - Friday 30 April
Breakfast. We reach the parking lot of the El Pilar Refuge and begin our excursion along the most exciting route that can be taken on the island. The entire route is about 24 km long and connects the El Pilar refuge to Fuencaliente (also passing through the Martin Volcano, which we saw yesterday). We will follow the northern part of the path, arriving at the height of the El Duraznero Volcano. Let's go back along the same path and recover our vehicle.
Let's go back to El paso.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 8 - Saturday 1st May
Breakfast in El Paso. Remember when yesterday we talked about the famous Ruta de Los Volcanes? Today we will walk a little more. We set off again, reaching the town of Fuente de los Roques, where a fascinating walk awaits us to the foot of the Martin Volcano. This is the final stretch of La Ruta de los Volcanes. We return to the starting point and move to one of the beautiful beaches of the east coast where we will have free time to relax and enjoy the views. Let's go back to Villa de Mazo, where we will spend the last night.
Relax, dinner and overnight.

Day 9 - Sunday 2nd May
Breakfast and head to the airport, where we leave the car and board for the return journey.

According to weather travel program can change.

Tracks day by day:
Giorno 1 - 10 km
Aeroporto La Palma – Santa Cruz de la Palma
Giorno 2 - 80 km
Santa Cruz de la Palma - Puntallana – Charco Azul – Barlovento – la Fajana – Santa Cruz de la Palma
Giorno 3 - 139 km
Santa Cruz de la Palma – Roque de los Muchachos – Santo Domingo – Santa Cruz de la Palma
Giorno 4 – 107 km
El Paso - Tijarafe – Las Tricias – El Paso
Giorno 5 – 87 km
El Paso – Charco Verde - faro di Fuencaliente – Playa Enchentive – El Paso
Giorno 6 –18 km
El Paso – Mirador de la Cumbrecita – El Paso
Giorno 7 – 25 km
El Paso – El Pilar – El Paso
Giorno 8 – 41 km
El Paso – Fuente de los Roques – Vila de Mazo
Giorno 9

Price includes

- Flights from Italy
- 8 nights
- Mini Van 7 seats with Travel Tracks driver
- Travel Tracks escort
- Travel Tracks T-shirt
- Medical and luggage insurance
- Travel Tracks assistance

Price does not include

- Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Cancellation insurance
- Tips and extras
- Fuel (expense shared with the group)
- Personal travel expenses
- Anything not mentioned in the item 'the fee includes'