The sailboat is one of the few means of transport, truly sustainable, which travels only with the forces of nature, respecting nature itself.
In a few years, you may see the removed from the things you have not done other than from the ones you have done. So drop your moorings, get out of the safe harbor and let the wind blow your sails.
Explore, dream live the adventure of sailing in one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Mediterranean Sea
A sailing holiday is synonymous with sport, adventure, relaxation, discovery of enchanting places, a meeting of cultures and traditions different from ours, total immersion in nature.
It is an original way of understanding the holiday, far from the usual patterns, far from the stress we are subjected to during the year and far from any worries.
Getting on a sailboat means getting away from the world around us, abandoning all thoughts and letting yourself go to a new and unforgettable experience.
You can savor the pleasure of the slow passage of time, accompanied by the main elements of nature:
the sweet sound of the wind;
the intoxicating smell of the sea;
the thrill of seeing dolphins or turtles swimming next to the boat;
the warmth of the sun that will give you spectacular sunsets.
You will also be able to meet new people and make new friends: a compact group will be formed where the common constants will be fun and collaboration.
Travel Tracks will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing and to sail in complete tranquility under the essential supervision of the skipper, if you are a skipper with us, live the experience of sustainable tourism in the open sea.
The journey is based first of all on the anthura and our ability to interpret it
The sea and the wind are masters to listen to with respect, traveling on a sailboat, teaches many things, which can turn into metaphors of life