Trek, track, path, path on tracks.
From which Trekking, that is to go along tracks and paths, following them and tracing them in following them
Re-proposing the meaning of the name that inspires us, means rediscovering the philosophy of our proposal.
The traces show the way, but they do not give certainties, they are sought, discovered, "traced" and canceled. The tracks are light.
To go trekking you have to move above all on foot, light both as luggage and as a thought, free to learn, traveling in the simplest way, using your own legs
The human being is a nomadic creature, since the dawn of time man is a walker.
In what places can you go trekking, leaving and looking for tracks and paths?
Everywhere, the environment lends itself to being discovered again. On the mountains, in the valley, in the hills, in the plains, on the coast, on the island, in the swamp, on the river, in the woods and in the prairie, in the city itself.
The environment is a synthesis of nature and culture: traces are left by man and trekking is the search for human signs
follow the tracks, there is no time limit, a trekking experience can last a day, a week, a month or a year there is no time limit
With us at Travel Tracks you can experience the research and sustainability of the environment, discover our Trekking proposals