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The largest of the granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago, with 154 square kilometers rich in vegetation where Victoria, the capital, lies. The beautiful beaches with fine white sand will be the setting for your holiday. An island to explore for its many trekking trails in the middle of nature, breathtaking viewpoints where you can admire the beauty of the nearby islands. Many of the wild and unspoiled beaches that you will find here especially in the south of the island. To discover the Creole culture as well as to visit the small capital Victoria unique for its colorful market among spices, fruit, vegetables and local fish, you can visit the botanical garden, the Tea Factory and the distillery of the Rhum.


The second island of the archipelago by size and the only place in the world where Coco de Mer is born and grows, a particular fruit shaped like a seat, part of the Unesco Heritage.
Between the beloved Cote d’Or, the magnificent Anse Georgette and the fourth most beautiful beach in the world “Anse Lazio” characterized by pink granite boulders you will find it hard not to fall in love with this earthly paradise. Around the island you will discover what it means to love true and uncontaminated nature.
Surrounded by huge granite blocks scratched by the wind that together with the white of the beaches and the crystal blue sea form a magnificent picture. Here on this small island you can discover all the beaches in absolute relaxation, stretches of white and floury sand will be the backdrop on which to walk. Letting yourself be rocked by the wind that will blow over your face during your ride over the ocean will be a unique and unrepeatable experience. Passing through the Union Estate you will discover the beach that every photographer in the world would like to photograph at least once in his life. Here too, trekking is not lacking to discover beaches that can only be reached on foot or by sea. Nature will make you fall in love.